Vaccination Information

Baby VaccineMMO requires all children to be up to date on their vaccinations while attending MMO.  We require an updated Vaccine Record every year, and we will check the forms throughout the year.  We will let you know when your child’s record is about to expire.  It’s just a good idea to get a vaccination record each time you go to the doctor for a check-up, and bring us a copy.

We will not accept children whose parents have decided to opt out of vaccinations, and we are not required to do so by DCFS.  We do not currently have any children attending MMO who have opted out of vaccines.

It’s very important to us that we provide a safe and healthy environment for all our kids.  Since we have a large population of infants and toddlers who have not had the full course of several vaccines, it’s important that we keep them free from risk.  And we ask for your help in providing us with your child’s most up-to-date health information.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Here are a few resources with more information about vaccines:

10 Vaccine Myths – Busted – from Parenting Magazine

Vaccine info from the Department of Health and Human Services

This is a super-handy, printable vaccination schedule – which also explains which shots prevent against which diseases.  From the CDC.

Confused about what shots your child should be getting when?  The CDC has a handy Immunization Scheduler – just put in your child’s birthday and you’ll find out what vaccines she needs when, from birth to age 12.

After talking to parents from across the country, CDC put together this short video to help answer the tough questions real parents have about childhood immunizations.