Frequently Asked Questions


How does MMO compare to other preschool and childcare facilities within the community?

Parents are encouraged to compare MMO’s program with others.  When you do so, we are confident you will see that we are a great bargain.  Here’s why:

  1. MMO has a competitive hourly rate for preschool.  Any program’s monthly fee must be divided by the number of hours the school operates.  MMO is open for children 3.5 hours/day, as compared with many other preschools which are open only an average of 2.75 hours/day.
  2. The decision to operate for fewer than 3 hours each days permits other preschools to avoid some of the DCFS requirements, which MMO opts to provide, such as fire safety, snacks, and outdoor play (weather permitting) each day.
  3. No other program in the community offers the flexibility of a part-time/drop-in childcare option on an hourly basis.
  4. MMO’s commitment to developmentally-appropriate education through the Creative Curriculum will nurture your child’s love of learning from these very early years!

What is the Creative Curriculum?

You can find out more about the Creative Curriculum at MMO here: Creative Curriculum.

You can also download a PDF of A Parent’s Guide to Preschool here.

 Is MMO a mission of Temple Baptist?

No. MMO’s relationship with Temple Baptist is a landlord/ tenant relationship.  My Morning Out, NFP is an Illinois Corporation registered as a Not For Profit with the State of Illinois and has a been granted 501(c)(3) status by the federal government.     We are independent of Temple Baptist, and are our own private preschool/ childcare.  We are leasing space from Temple Baptist.  Temple Baptist’s mission has been to serve the community and providing us space fits into their mission.

Are there volunteer opportunities for me?

Yes. We have had some wonderful additions to our Board recently who have been willing to contribute their talents and trades towards our efforts moving forward.  MMO’s Board will be making parents aware of fundraising opportunities for particular needs (for example, the playground equipment, and the MMO scholarship fund for needy families).  Contributions to these initiatives are welcome.  You can drop us a note to let us know what you can contribute!

If you would like to help out, please contact Danielle Bender or Jennifer Clark.

Who should I contact with any other questions?

The following people would be happy to talk with you about MMO-related questions:

Jennifer Clark , MMO Director– 356-7377

Danielle Bender, MMO, NFP President